Structures subjected to Blast and Fragment: Traditionally reinforced and fibre reinforced concrete structures

Start date 01/09/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/08/2017

Upon detonation the exposed surrounding structures are subjected to a combination of fragments and blast-wave.

This project was started in Aug 2012 in order to increase the knowledge of the concrete structures response to this type of load. The project will result in a doctoral thesis focusing on concrete structures response/behaviour when subjected to explosion loads and study the behavior of reinforced concrete and fiber concrete.

The project is carried out at the Division of Structural Engineering in the research group Concrete Structures

Keywords: Concrete, fibre reinforced concret, numerical anlaysis, material modelling, dynamic loads, blast wave, fragment impact
Project members
Project leader: Mario Plos,

All project members:
Jonas Ekström
Joosef Leppänen
Mario Plos
Rasmus Rempling

Contact: Jonas Ekström
External partners at the project
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, The Swedish Fortifications Agency
Chalmers Areas of Advance

Built Environment

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

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