Strategies for Integrated Sustainable Renovation: Focus on the Swedish domestic building stock ‘folkhemmet’ in the pre‐boom era

The project develops integrated strategies for sustainable renovation of culturally valuable pre-boom housing (folkhemmet e.g. 1945 - 1960). The technical knowledge of these stocks is much less developed than knowledge about later stocks as is the knowledge and empathy about their invaluable immaterial qualities. The aim is to integrate socio-cultural, environmental and economic aspects by elaborating renovation scenarios based on assessments of: architectural quality, energy, mass and monetary flows in a life cycle perspective, living quality, and relating to implementation (technical issues, affordability, user acceptance etc). A limited number of parameters (material and immaterial) will be identified and integrated in scenarios for long-term (>30 years) sustainable management using different options. Parameters will be identified in collaboration with industry partners and scenarios elaborated on existing cases. The transferability of results to other stocks nationally and internationally will be evaluated. Besides increasing the body of scientific knowledge, results aim at actionable knowledge for owners of pre-boom stocks, architects and decision-makers at all levels. An arena will be set up for collaborative research with industry partners. The collaborative approach strengthens competition in sustainable building, the validation and up-take of results, and bridges knowledge gaps among professionals and disciplines.

Partner organizations

  • Göteborgs Stadsmuseum (Public, Sweden)
  • Stena Fastigheter AB (Private, Sweden)
  • The Swedish Union of Tenants (Non Profit, Sweden)
  • Region Västra Götaland (Public, Sweden)
  • Centre for Management of the Built Environment (CMB) (Centre, Sweden)
  • AB Stockholmshem (Private, Sweden)
  • Ramböll AB (Private, Denmark)
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETH) (Academic, Switzerland)
  • Poseidon (Private, Sweden)
  • White Architects (Private, Sweden)
  • Peab Sverige, Göteborg (Private, Sweden)
  • Halmstad Fastighets AB (Other, Sweden)
  • Vienna University of Technology (Academic, Austria)
  • Framtiden (Private, Sweden)
  • Bengt Dahlgren AB (Private, Sweden)
  • City of Gothenburg (Public, Sweden)
Start date 01/07/2010
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2013

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