Spray Fundamentals

Start date 01/05/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/05/2017
The goal of this experimental project is to determine properties of both non-combusting and combusting Diesel sprays under various ambient conditions, using high injection pressure (above 2000 bar). We will evaluate multiple injection strategies, various nozzle hole sizes/geometries, and various gas conditions in the Chalmers high-pressure high-temperature spray rig. Impingement measurement will be carried out for measuring the spray momentum and the fuel mass flow rate. Optical diagnostic methods such as light absorption and scattering (LAS technique) will be applied to identify liquid and vapor phase fuel distribution under vaporizing conditions. Moreover, 2-D laser extinction will be used for measuring soot concentration in the flame. OH chemiluminescence imaging will be performed to identify the lift-off location. Experiments will be performed using the Scania XPI high injection pressure system, injecting fuel into various conditions (from cold to engine-like) to investigate various factors that influence non-combusting and combusting spray characteristics.
​CERC (Combustion Engine Research Center)
​Scania, Volvo GTT, Volvo Car

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