SolVis (SunWise) - concept for visualizing solar power and spreading knowledge on the subject

The project will develop a concept that pedagogically visualises solar energy and its context, a lack on the market
today. The aime is an interactive tool that engages and leads to a lasting learning experience as well as awakens
curiosity on solar power to inspire others to take solar energy actions. Primary addressing schoolchildren in grade
4-6, secondary the public. The concept will be based on Lokalförvaltningen’s (LF) long experience of behavioural
change and learning within our unique energy educational program. A prototype will be developed in a
multi-disciplinary project group (energy educators, academy and design and IT consultants). The prototype will be
tested, improved and evaluated to be ready to introduce on the market. The result and product will be presented in
existing channels. The interactive tool will be used in the properties of LF as part of the on-going large-scale solar
energy investment and the learning purpose of the concept will be evaluated by Chalmers

Start date 01/10/2020
End date 31/08/2022

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