Smart energy networks –connections between smart grids and smart district heating networks

Start date 01/01/2012
End date The project is closed: 30/04/2017
In a traditional energy network the consumers usage is controlling the producers energy generation. This causes uneven and unpredictable load curves which do not provide optimal conditions for generation of energy. By coordinating the generation and the usage of energy, our limited resources can be utilized smarter. This gives benefits to both environment and economy.
Buildings can be used for heat storage in district heating networks to cut peak demand and avoid startups of oil-fired peak plants. Similarly, charging of electric cars and starting of dishwashers can be reoriented to the times of day when there is an ample supply of renewable electricity.​
All project members
Johan Kensby, Jan Olof Dalenbäck, Anders Trüschel, Otto Olsson​
External partners at the project
Göteborg Energi​
Chalmers Areas of Advance

Building Futures, Energy

​Göteborg Energi: SEK 5 million 

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