Simulation of thermoelectric generators for heavy duty vehicles

​The E4-MISTRA research program presents a unique system approach applied in a joint academic – industry collaboration aiming to reach goals beyond the upcoming legislation (EURO VI) for heavy duty vehicles of low exhaust emissions without fuel penalty by waste heat recovery using a thermoelectric generator (TEG).  Our objectives are to develop a multiphysics simulation method for TEGs and to do model validation. This includes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of fluid flow, heat transfer through the thermoelectric elements, and simulations of the voltage and the electric current inside the thermoelectric device. These models allow critical parts in the design to be identified and the power generation to be predicted, further it allows virtual prototyping.
​The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA)

​Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Advanced Engineering and Research

Termo-Gen AB

Alfa Laval AB

Page manager Published: Mon 28 Oct 2013.