SHIPMAN - Ship Manoeuvring in Waves

Start date 01/04/2008
End date The project is closed: 01/04/2013
When a ship is operating in waves, the manoeuvrability is influenced by waves. Wave forces interact with manoeuvring forces and bring complexity to ship motions prediction. In large waves, the wave force has stronger impact to ship motions. Sometimes it even becomes the dominating force. Nowadays, ships encounter problems such as large amplitude rolling, broaching, etc. in large waves, and ship safety is badly affected. Simulation of ship manoeuvring in large waves provides an efficient way to study the phenomenon, which can further improve ship safety in waves.

Development of methods and algorithms for analysis and simulation of ship manoeuvring in waves is the main task of the PhD study. Non-linear sea keeping, parametric rolling and broaching are important problems to analyze and understand. Primary investigation will be carried out with potential flow method. XPAN in SHIPFLOW software will be used for the study. Calculation result will be validated by model test results from SSPA.

Development of mathematical models and simulation techniques are also research tasks within the PhD study. Comprehensive mathematical models for ship manoeuvring in large waves are expected. For the practical application of the PhD study, the mathematical models will be integrated to SSPA indoor manoeuvring and sea keeping software – SEAMAN.

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