Sensor Systems

In this project the aim is to develop industrially applicable and viable sensor systems as well as to characterize, analyze and improve on the overall system design. The underlying technology is based on electromagnetic waves; mainly in the microwave region. More specifically the research work in in this project will be focused on characterization and miniaturization of measurement electronic circuits, data analysis and development of signal processing methods together with sensor design and optimization.
The motivation and long-term goal of the project is to meet the increasing demand for various sensor systems in industry and for the general society with development of novel applications. Microwave technology, in comparison to other technologies, has many advantages and therefore is an interesting alternative, and in some situations even the only remaining technology where other more conventional techniques fail. Application areas in focus for this project include monitoring of medicine drug production, food packaging procedures, tree harvesting and medical diagnostic and monitoring applications, for example diagnosis of brain stroke and prostate positioning during radiation therapy of cancer patients.

The sensor project is divided into three work packages that emphasize the general aspects of a sensor system and common methodologies for analysis and design. The work packages focus on three key aspects of a sensor system: (i) the sensors in combination with the measurement domain and its unknown objects; (ii) the electronic circuits that transmit and receive signals with the aid of the sensors; (iii) the data analysis and signal processing methods that extract useful information about the measurement domain from the received signals.
Sensor systems in general and microwave sensor systems in particular are intrinsically very complex systems. Clearly, all three key aspects (i)-(iii) are necessary for a complete sensor system. In addition, all these aspects must be considered simultaneously in the design of a sensor system in order to successfully reach the required specification in terms of performance of the system. Thus, inter-disciplinary research that connects these three main areas is an essential key factor for a successful project.
Figure 1: Monitoring food in the food processing industry is one of the applications for the research project Optimization of sensors and sensor arrays.
Figure 2: Stroke Finder, an instrument for faster stroke diagnostics.

This is a Chase project.
Academy: Chalmers
Industry: Medfield Diagnostics AB, Micropos Medical AB, Food Radar AB, Västra Götalandsregionen

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