Satellite observations for ship navigation

This postdoc project has the objective to increase efficiency in marine transportation systems and to reduce costs, risks and environmental impacts. One of the largest challenges in the current maritime industry is to develop energy efficient solutions/measures to reduce fuel cost and air emissions from ships, in addition to the conventional safety issues during a ship's operation in seaways. Weather routing and voyage optimization are two of the most efficient measures. The concepts require more research and innovation for further development to deliver high quality service.

In this project algorithms for extraction of oceanographic and meteorological information from selected Earth observation sensors, products and services will be developed, implemented and validated. New and upcoming Earth observation sensors, products and services that can provide oceanographic and meteorological information to support weather routing and voyage optimisation will also be evaluated.


Partner organizations

  • Laurin Maritime AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Molflow AB (Unknown, Sweden)
  • Universität Bremen (Academic, Germany)
  • O.M. OFFSHORE MONITORING LTD. (Private, Cyprus)
  • G.M.S. Global Maritime Services Ltd (Private, United Kingdom)
  • Offshore Navigation LImited (Private, Anguilla)
  • Color Line Marine AS (Private, Norway)
Start date 01/06/2017
End date The project is closed: 31/05/2019

Page manager Published: Fri 11 Jan 2019.