Realisation of Soft Magnetic Composites for Expanded Use in Future Inductor Applications

Iron-powder based nano-coated soft magnetic composites (SMC) represent the most recent innovation in materials for soft-magnetic core applications and provide among the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly production solutions. The research will focus on the full exploitation of potential of SMC materials given by their 3D magnetic properties through research on base material as well as development of design for power electronic devices with improved performance, especially in the area of the renewable energy generation. This project aims at facilitating future new improved solutions for primary inductor and secondary transformers applications. The expected result of the project is the development of the generic model able to describe how the SMC materials and inductors made thereof should be designed to meet specific application demands. The project is expected to result with design and manufacturing of demonstrators of inductors for various applications including household, wind power or automotive applications. The project will address the materials development (powder surface engineering aspects and consolidation process) by taking laboratory scale test results of base materials and modeling of inductor design to pilot scale production of prototypes. Planned research will cover the tailoring of base powder coating properties and/or consolidation process in order to fulfill design requirements and modeling of design and properties of inductors and transformers (size, loss, core shape, thermal situation, etc.) based on SMC material for particular applications in power electronics.

Partner organizations

  • Höganäs (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/11/2013
End date The project is closed: 31/10/2014
Recent developments in powder-based soft magnetic composites (SMC) have shown that inductor components significantly smaller in size and with substantial reduction in energy losses can be obtained for power electronics compared to state of the art solutions. The unique features of SMC materials also means design freedom, virtually zero waste, cost efficient shaping, absence of flux leakage, etc. The work in this project aims at facilitating future new improved solutions for inductor and transformers applications, as for example domestic, automotive industry (hybrid cars) and offshore wind energy applications that can become reality very soon.

The project summarizes recent innovations by taking laboratory scale test results of base materials and modeling of inductor design to industrial test-production of prototypes. The core project activities include i) the advanced materials evaluation and manufacturing development support, ii) the development of computational framework for electromagnetic simulations, feasibility assessment of SMC cores and thermal performance design and iii) system-oriented evaluation of SMC product capabilities.

Funded by

  • VINNOVA (Public, Sweden)

Höganäs AB

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