The SITUMAR project will focus on how people make decisions during demanding and advanced marine operations, particularly under stress. Advanced and demanding marine operations have become more challenging (deeper waters, heavier loads, hasher environments) and control systems and organisations have consequently become more complicated. The trend has been to add more technology, functionality and routines to the technical system. There is to-day a vast gap between the data available to the user and the information really needed. The SITUMAR project intends to alter this trend of growing complexity by user-centred design (UCD) that simplifies the technical systems and interfaces. The purpose is to learn how to build optimal systems for Situation Awareness (SA) and operator decision support.
The primary objectives of the SITUMAR project are:

•To analyze the human capacity to act and to make decisions during critical marine operations and to establish principles for reducing system complexity while reducing risk and improving operational safety and efficiency

The secondary objectives are:

•Identify characteristics of systems and organizations that enable the recovery from unexpected situations that might escalate into critical situations.

•Establish an understanding of the importance of prediction of future states in the decision making/response to the situation, ensuring timely action/intervention by a human or organization.
All project members
Høyskolen i Vestfold (HiVe), Margareta Lützhöft, Thomas Porathe and Christopher Anderberg (Chalmers).
Kongsberg Maritime As
Norwegian Research Council

Published: Mon 02 Nov 2015.