Risk assessment techniques for the sea transport link of a multi-modal transport chain

Risk analysis techniques are applied to maritime transport to contribute towards improved safety and sustainability of multi-modal transport chains

The transport of goods in standardized cargo transport units such as containers and trailers facilitates efficient cargo handling but also requires good communication along the transport chain and at interfaces such as ports to ensure awareness of the properties and hazards associated with a sometimes diverse range of cargo. This is important for safe handling and transportation.

The focus of this project is to investigate the risks associated with the sea transport link of multi-modal transport of dangerous goods and determine how other parts of the transport chain can affect the risk. Risk analysis techniques will be applied to selected maritime transports to develop an improved understanding and assessment of risks. A better understanding of risk and contributing factors will contribute towards improved safety and reduce the potential for economic, environmental, and human losses and consequences.

Organizations involved in addition to Logistics and Transportation: LTS, Maersk/SeaLand
Duration: 2008 - 2011
Project leader: Kent Lumsden
Members: Joanne Ellis, SSPA
Contact person Logistics and Transportation:  Kent Lumsden

The Logistics and Transport Society LTS

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