Renew school

Renew School aims to provide municipalities, school building owners as well as companies and users with tools and solutions on how to renovate existing buildings to meet NZEB standards. The project will lead the target groups directly to the major principles of school renovations. 24 visits to the 18 frontrunner buildings are planned to help motivate the school owners and planners. The project aims to intiate 20 school buildings projects, renovated to NZEB standard.

Start date 01/01/2014
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2016

Funded by

  • European Commission (EC) (Public, Belgium)
Improvement of the building’s envelope
Improvement of the (IEQ) indoor environment quality
Improvement of the energy gains using renewable energy sources
the project team includes 13 partners from 9 different countries
The team will:
 Hold technical workshops on cooperation models and technological options for NZEB school renovations
Arrange technology talks bringing school owners and companies together.
Plan awareness raisings projects with pupils assisted by their teachers to understad and promote topics associated with NZEB renovation.
Organize trainings for the employees in specific technologies of comprehensive school renovations
Create an active website, serving as a contact and information exchange platform for the stakeholders and network activities

Chalmers Areas of Advance:
Built Environment, Energy

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