Re-renovation: Possibilities for increased energy efficiency and the re-creation of cultural historical values

The project contributes to interdisciplinary knowledge about the long-term effects on energy and material flows in multi-residental buildings built before 1945. The goal is guidelines for the renovation and re-renovation preserving or where possible restoring, cultural historical values while providing modern standards of functionality and energy efficiency. Renovations of multi-residential housing in Gothenburg is documented regarding energy conservation, the overall effects on heritage values and future needs for re-renovation. A number of case studies (objects renovated 1 or 2 times) are studied regarding energy use, technical status and the balance between cultural values, architecture, function and operation. Material flows over time is studied in 1 case. Collaboration is planned with other projects within Save & Preserve, and with two E2B2 projects and SIRen, a strong research environment on intergrated sustainable renovation linked to the National Renovation Cente.

Start date 01/11/2015
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2019

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