RFIC solutions for very high data rate, energy and spectrum efficient wireless THz communication

Start date 01/07/2014
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2019

 RFIC solutions for very high data rate, energy and spectrum efficient wireless THz communication.jpgSeveral hundred gigahertz bandwidth is available for new wireless communication and sensing applications just waiting to be exploited in the frequency range 100 GHz-500 GHz. Traditional components for these frequencies are very expensive, bulky, and power hungry which so far have limited the range of applications.  In this multidisciplinary project we will create a new technology platform combining  the knowledge on designs of  complex THz circuits utilizing state-of-the-art commercially available Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit processes (RFICs), with antenna design, signal processing at baseband, THz-packaging, and system design. Our aim is to design complete receivers/transmitters for spectrum efficient wireless communication with data rates up to and beyond 100 Gbps. Such RFICs are not available commercially and is an excellent opportunity for Swedish industry including SME’s. The technology platform can also be used for various sensor applications in a frequency span up to 500 GHz, with bandwidths of 50 GHz or more.


The circuits, antennas, and signal processing capabilities developed in this programme make it possible to investigate a wide range of completely new THz system applications ranging from point-to-multipoint backhaul applications, wireless data center networks, MIMO communications with beam-steering, and multi-pixel imaging arrays just to mention a few.

Cooperation partners

Beijing Institute of Technology

KTH, Dr Joachim Oberhammer

Ericsson AB, Infineon AG

​SSF 32 MSEK 2014-2018

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