Quality of sustainable buildings – The impact of sustainable buildings on comfort, well-being and productivity of employees in office buildings

Start date 01/07/2012
End date The project is closed: 31/10/2014

The objective of this research project lies in the evidence of the impact of sustainable office buildings on well-being, satisfaction and job performance of the building users. About 50 per cent of the workers in Switzerland work in the service sector, the vast majority of them in offices. The influence of construction methods on building user therefore is relevant to a large part of the workers in Switzerland. Organizations involved in the project should develop concrete measures as to how future real estate companies can, in this sense, conform to both the aspects of ecological and economic sustainability, as well as achieve the criteria of social sustainability. For this reason, the focus will not only be placed on the optimization of properties, but rather buildings and users will be studied integrally. As an outcome of the project, the results of investigations are to be summarized into a guide for planning and operation of sustainable buildings. Concrete measures are proposed, such as considering the effects of design, construction, renovation and operation, so that benefits of sustainable buildings can be optimally implemented.


The project is carried out by the Divison of Building Technology and within Area of Advance Built Environment.

Keywords: Sustainable building, comfort, performance, well-being, office building, measurements, employees

Project members

Prof. Holger Wallbaum 

Prof. Lukas Windlinger, Zurich University for Applied Sciences Wädenswil, Switzerland 

External partners in the project

Helsana, ZKB, CS, UBS; Ernst Basler + Partner, Witzig, BKW

Chalmers Areas of Advance
Built Environment
Commission for Technology and Innovation, Switzerland, CHF 618’725

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