Production Service Systems and Maintenance

Start date 01/01/2013
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2016
Production Service Systems & Maintenance is a research group and project within the Chalmers Production Area of Advance. Today, the manufacturing industry faces challenges in increasing the utilization of existing production resources from average values around 55%. Of course, this fairly low figure indicates potential in terms of improving economic sustainability but it also connects closely to resource efficiency in terms of ecologic sustainability, e.g. energy consumption. Equipment failures and especially the rippling effects of such breakdowns in the production flow are major reasons. Therefore, the research group works with preventing and reducing production disturbances and their associated downtime, system losses, and uncertainties.

We work towards a closer collaboration between maintenance and production organizations and our areas of strengths are:
  • Production data management and analytics
  • Risk, safety, and competence development
  • Life-cycle value decisions: the selection between repair, renovation, and improvement activities
There is a close connection to social sustainability because service and maintenance workers are overrepresented in statistics on accidents and injuries. Increased competence, extended use of engineering tools, and operator support in often unfamiliar and stressful situations are needed.

Project leader: Anders Skoogh

Service, Maintenance, Improvements

Project within Chalmers Production Area of Advance

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