Pre-requisites for connected digitized geometry assurance

A digitized industry with elements of artificial intelligence requires structured data, standardized digital languages as well as methodically and repeatable preparation work. The knowledge to structure, simulate, analyze and store geometrical information is already in a large amount developed by research within Wingquist Laboratory VINN Excellence center at Chalmers and at Swerea/IVF. It is also party implemented in some industries, thereof automotive makers in Sweden. Still, there is a gap of knowledge though, especially among suppliers. The possibility to connected system, like CM4D and DDBS for handling measuring data, RD&T or corresponding for analysis and simulation, are available but the communication puts high demands on input data and configuration. The prerequisites and the understanding of structure and data language is important to get the digitized industrial systems to work. Further on are stable and long term implementations of digitized system and processes a prerequisite to have the industry adoptive for new research results, methods and tools for automated product development and production control. This project aims to distribute and build necessary competence for a connected and digitized geometry assurance in industry.

Partner organizations

  • Swerea IVF AB (Private, Sweden)
  • PE Geometry (Private, Sweden)
  • Ming Company (Private, Sweden)
Start date 02/04/2018
End date The project is closed: 14/12/2018

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