Power to Food- concept for production of food with reduced environmental impact

The project intends to establish and verify the concept of Power to Food, food production of electricity. The concept is based on production of food and feed from electricity and CO2 and has the ability to noticeably supplement agriculture to support a growing population on earth with greatly reduced environmental impact. The project intends to demonstrate the production of an edible product and quantify the environmental benefits that the technology brings with regard to land use, water use, nitrogen / phosphorus use, biodiversity reduction, carbon dioxide balance and robustness.

5kg of food produced by CO2 and electricity will be put on the table at the end of the project. A techno-economic calculation will be made for large-scale production. Improvements to existing technology will be made and a market assessment and potential for complementary patents will be assessed. An estimate of environmental relief parameters, based on the planetary boundaries, will be presented. A successful project is expected to open a new industrial sector.

Production of an edible product (food / feed) will take place with proposed technology. The result is evaluated for purity according to the FDA and EFSA. The production process is evaluated technologically, as well as energy and mass balance, as well as contributing to environmental relief. The project also identifies new market and patent opportunities.

Partner organizations

  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Research Institute, Sweden)
Start date 15/11/2018
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2021

Page manager Published: Thu 04 Feb 2021.