Optshiprout - Optimisation of Ship Routing with respect to Fatigue and Fuel Conspumption

The main part of the project is to by means of statistical methods describe wave-load spectra and thereafter propose a fatigue relationship and evolution law applicable on container ships in arbitrary sea state. The models developed will be compared with data obtained by measurements and observations on container ships that traffic the North Atlantic sea. The route-planning tool will present the optimal route for each of the target functions fatigue accumulation, fuel consumption and ETA. It will also present the optimal route considering all of the three target functions.

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Project Objective

The objective with the project is to develop a route-planning tool which incorporates the optimisation of the ship route with regard to accumulated fatigue damage, fuel consumption and ETA (expected time of arrival). The novelty of the project is that it should be able to predict the optimal route based on data which is sent to the system in real time but it should also account for history effects (response, sea state, etc.) of the route under consideration.

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