Optimized design and operation of thermal energy storage with phase change materials. Demonstration of a PCM cold storage for an office building

The purpose of the project is to provide and verify tools and data to identify cost-effective and environmentally sound investment and operation of PCM storage. The practical design tools for PCM storage that we have developed in a previous project (39695-1), will be verified with measured data from an innovative cold store in operation. Temperature limits in the system where the cold PCM storage will be installed (demonstration plant) makes the project's research focus unique. Routines for optimization of charging and discharging of the PCM storage, missing today, will be developed by numerical modeling and tested on the cold storage in operation. Heat transfer processes inside the PCM storage will be studied in detail and optimized in a smaller pilot plant in our laboratory. Verified data and tools shall be made available to the public and practitioners with a focus on HVAC designers, PCM manufacturers and property owners. The project will be done with Akademiska Hus Göteborg and, thereby, contributes to HORIZON 2020 EU IRIS and FED.

Partner organizations

  • Akademiska Hus (Public, Sweden)
Start date 15/03/2019
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2020

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