Optimization and increased energy efficiency in indirect gasification gas cleaning

The product gas from indirect gasification for biofuel production must be cleaned from organic pollutants, such as benzene, before final upgrading to syngas. Removal of hydrocarbons is typically performed by adsorption in packed beds of active carbon that are regenerated with steam. Even though this technique is energy intense, there is still a lack of accurate models to optimize the energy consumption and enable efficient and robust process control.

This project aims to develop new modeling tools for regeneration of packed beds of active carbon, and to investigate the possibilities to extract benzene from the process. The development will be carried out at Chalmers University of Technology in cooperation with Göteborg Energi. The results will help minimize the energy use and enhance the process control in gasification processes for biofuel production.

Partner organizations

  • Göteborg Energi AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 08/03/2016
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2019

Page manager Published: Thu 31 May 2018.