Operator of the future - Prestudy

Goals/targets The Operator of the Future concept addresses challenges in Competitive Industry and Information society 3.0. we will develop cross-sectorial concepts for operators and future industrial knowledge workers. An advanced toolbox for the operators of the future provides enhanced senses, increased strength, and virtual ability to move in time and space. The idea enables rapid change, increased flexibility and quality, and superior control of industrial processes.

Partner organizations

  • Sandvik (Private, Sweden)
  • Göteborgs tekniska college (Academic, Sweden)
  • Boliden Mineral AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Luleå University of Technology (Academic, Sweden)
  • LKAB (Private, Sweden)
  • Beijer Electronics AB (Private, Sweden)
  • SKF (Private, Sweden)
  • Volvo Group (Private, Sweden)
  • Volvo Cars (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/11/2011
End date The project is closed: 15/03/2012

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