Start date 23/06/2015
End date 23/06/2025

As part of the Swedish research project ViVA - Virtual Vehicle-safety Assessment: OpenSource Human Body Models addressing gender diversity, the OpenHBM project has been initiated to promote the development and distribution of Open Source Human Body Models for impact biomechanics research.


The aims for the OpenHBM project are to:

  • Establish a quality platform for development of  human body models, within the traffic safety research community, in order to enable access to models for
    • double checking of research results, and
    • novel applications.
  • Broaden human body models beyond the average male.

The first steps of this Open Source human body model project are to develop:

  1. A baseline LS-DYNA model of the average female,
    a. with biofidelic kinematics for omnidirectional acceleration loading typical of pre- and crash situations, and
    b. structured in such a way that body parts can easily exchange for more detailed/enhanced models.
  2. An anatomically detailed model of the cervical spine, with biofidelic response in rear end impacts.


Model files

The whole body model, deliverable no. 1 in the list above, is available for download here under the GPL v3 license:
In addition, the whole body model with detailed and simplified spine is available here under the LGPL v3 license:

A zip-archive with the anatomically detailed model of the cervical spine, deliverable no. 2 in the list above, as described in a paper (Östh et al. 2016) in the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering is available here under the GPL v3 license:


The model has been developed using single precision MPP LS-DYNA R7 and R8 binaries.


Publications and corresponding model/simulation files 


Model files (GPLv3 License)
Development and validation of ligamentous cervical spine.
Short paper describing the integration of the cervical spine model and the whole body model.
Development and validation of head-neck complex in dynamic rear end impacts.
Östh J,  Mendoza-Vazquez M, Linder A, Svensson MY, Brolin K. 2017. The VIVA OpenHBM Finite Element 50th Percentile Female Occupant Model: Whole Body Model Development and Kinematic Validation. Proceedings of the IRCOBI Conference, Antwerp, Belgium. Development and validation of whole body model in frontal and rear impact, and roll over multiple directions.






 50th percentile female whole body model (under development).


 Overview of the VIVA OpenHBM 50th female ligamentous cervical spine model.
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