Novel subsurface thematic representations to support planning and valuation

The subsurface is a resource which can offer different types of functions and services (geosystem services), many of which can support the transformation towards a sustainable future and help solving several of today’s urban challenges. In Sweden, as well as in many other countries, the common “first come, first served” principle is typically applied in subsurface use; no specific plans are produced for subsurface management and the value and sustainable use of the subsurface are not thoroughly taken into consideration in the spatial planning processes. We propose further development of thematic information specifically adopted to support spatial planning. In such developments the subsurface should explicitly be considered as a multifunctional resource, and not only support above-ground spatial planning but also subsurface planning. In the proposed project, it is of central interest to use SGU's digitized geoscientific databases in combination with thematic information for different subsurface aspects from other responsible bodies. The overall aim of the project is to develop new (and useful) thematic information to support spatial (2D and 3D) urban planning for sustainable use and management of the subsurface. Specific objectives are: (1) map and categorize the services and goods the subsurface provides, (2) describe methods for valuing geosystem services, (3) investigate at which planning level different geosystem services are best managed, and (4) investigate how available data and associated uncertainties can be represented effectively for the suggested new themes in an era of digitalization and greater possibilities for 3D-modelling.

Start date 01/08/2020
End date 31/12/2024

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