Non-linear microwave resonators for quantum-mechanical information technology

We propose a new collaboration on superconducting-circuit based quantum information technology between Chalmers University of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

We engineer electronic circuits to behave quantum mechanically, with projected applications in quantum computing - data processing with tremendous algorithmic capacity. This new project’s goal is to demonstrate an improved method for reading out the quantum information stored in superconducting circuits. 

The collaboration consists in a mutually advantageous exchange of people, devices, and ideas, helping both groups to do research at an internationally competitive level. As Dr. Bylander is starting his faculty career at Chalmers, his research group will benefit greatly from collaborating with Prof. Orlando’s group at MIT, which is prominent in quantum computing. In particular, they have developed a capability for exquisitely precise quantum-coherent control of superconducting circuits using pulsed microwaves. The Chalmers group, including one graduate student, will especially benefit from being immersed into this research environment and help further develop these methods for quantum computing. On the other hand, the Chalmers group has a unique ability for nanoscale device processing in their MC2 Nanotechnology Laboratory cleanroom; the MIT group will get access to quantum devices and materials as part of the collaboration and beyond.

Start date 01/01/2013
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2014

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