Neural Stem Cell Interaction with Electrospun Micro- and Nanofibrous Scaffolds Assisted with Patterned Nanostructures using Lab-on-Chip Platform

​During recent years, three dimensional scaffolds manufactured via electrospinning technology have emerged within the scientific community as a way to efficiently cultivate stem cells in an in vitro environment, closely resembling an in vivo environment. These scaffolds, acting as an extra cellular matrix, may have a promising future in neural tissue engineering.

Today, the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience at Chalmers University of Technology cooperates with Department of Neurology and Physiology at Gothenburg University on a joint project with the aim to investigate and develop cultivation of human neural stem cells on electrospun scaffolds (see picture).
Human neural stem cell.jpg
Human neural stem cell cultivated on electrospun scaffold developed at Chalmers

Page manager Published: Mon 28 Oct 2013.