More by Less - A user perspective on energy conservation in future electrical systems

Start date 01/10/2009
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2016

The project aim to explore and foster possibilities for a technological shift towards a future electrical system in which the wattage use of appliances can be controlled and optimized to minimize energy use. Product applications for a future electrical system in dwellings will be concretized and developed through a number of R&D-projects. The potential for a technological shift will be explored by investigating how the actors on the market, e.g. energy distributors, energy suppliers and product manufacturers, respond to the different applications. Individuals’ attitudes towards a technological shift and their motivation for engaging in energy conservation are other focus areas.

A new electrical system is believed to be able to level off energy usage throughout the day and reduce the demands on high peak hours. In a broader perspective, the future electrical system can provide a flexible and momentary energy debiting with potential of encouraging households to engage in energy conservation and on the long run influence behaviours and attitudes.

Projectleader: Ulrike Rahe

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​More by Less - Design for Sustainable Development, Design & Human Factors
Iinnovation, Energy Conservation

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