More by Less - A User-Centred Take on District Heating for Future Energy Systems

Start date 15/10/2011
End date The project is closed: 15/10/2016

The energy used in buildings contributes to a significant part of Sweden’s energy consumption. Fortunately, district heating offers potential for energy efficiency in buildings and thus could and should play an important role in a future sustainable society. Yet, for an energy system to be as efficient as possible, it is required that the residents themselves approve the system and voluntarily adopt energy efficient behaviour patterns.

The aim of this project is to design and evaluate products and services that visualise the positive aspects of district heating and encourage energy efficient utilisation. Firstly, residents’ attitudes towards and knowledge about energy and district heating will be investigated as well as the way residents currently use heating and warm water. Thereafter, product and service concepts will be designed that fit the residents’ attitudes and lifestyles. Finally, potential future users will use and evaluate the products and services in their homes.

Projectleaders: Ulrike Rahe, Chalmers & Gunnar Nilsson, Göteborg Energi

External Partners
Göteborg Energi, Gunnar Nilsson
Research groups
More by Less - Design for Sustainable Development
Area of Advance
​District heating, heat usage, water usage, design for sustainable behaviour, design for sustainability

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