Modelling and optimization of energy management systems for plug-in hybrid vehicles

In electrified hybrid vehicles, the use of the internal combustion engine and the electric machine can be optimized together. However, for best optimization, one must have information about future trips with the vehicle. Although the future is difficult to predict, historical data of various kinds can be used to better predict the journeys using Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this project, the industry (CEVT) collaborates with several research areas at Chalmers. These research areas connect the powertrain, the control system and cloud-based calculations. The goal is to be able to realize fuel consumption of 5-10% compared to today's energy management strategies. By integrating research with an ongoing industrial project, a realization and evaluation of cutting-edge research within powertrain, regulation and AI modeling is made possible.

Partner organizations

  • China-Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/10/2019
End date 31/12/2022

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