Mobility PLUS – Innovative Services for More than Urban Transport

Electrification and shared mobility services will be an important part of sustainable transport systems of the future. Against this background, Mobility Plus is addressing energy conservation and climate mitigation on the one hand, societal health, wellbeing and satisfaction on the other hand, and economic stability and prosperity for all on a third hand. The aim of this pre-study is to create an overview and a research strategy for developing new and important knowledge with regard to human and (small) goods mobility services in inner cities. The shortterm objective is to gather information about ongoing research and projects as well as user insights of professionals who, in their daily work/activities, are on the forefront regarding issues related to future mobility. The longterm objective is to map opportunities for future research in the field through connecting the individual users/citizens to the residential sector to transportation (services) providers, applied to the inner city context.

Start date 06/12/2017
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2018

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