MiljöVis II: Effective representation of health and sustainability effects in infrastructure models with a focus on environmental factors and social consequences

The interdisciplinary project MiljöVis II aims to further develop and scale up methods and solutions for visualization of environmental data (air, sound, and social consequences) in the Swedish Transport Administration's large coordination models, developed in the pilot study MiljöVis - Effective representation of environmental data in infrastructure models. The focus of the new project is on how to visualize several parameters together, to be able to see combined effects and thus explore their common environmental and social impact. The goal of the project is to develop a visual syntax for visualization of complex data in 3D models and thus create clearer means of communication, more efficient basis for decision-making, and contribute to more effective quality assurance during the planning and construction process. Another goal is to be able to more easily predict the health and sustainability effects of different measures in these models, as well as to be able to see synergies and conflicts between different goal images.

Partner organizations

  • Digital Twin Cities Centre (Centre, Sweden)
  • Swedish Transport Administration (Public, Sweden)
Start date 01/02/2022
End date 30/06/2024

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