Methods of Fatigue analysis in steel and composite bridges using Eurocodes

Start date 01/06/2011
End date The project is closed: 30/12/2012

Fatigue is one of the main causes of damage in many steel structures. The process of fatigue damage is rather complicated and the design of structures with reference to fatigue requires a good knowledge in several fields including structural analysis, material mechanics and modeling of loads and load effects on structures. Therefore standards and recommendations related to fatigue design and analysis are often needed to assist the structural engineer in his design work. This applies both to the design of new bridges and the analysis of the remaining service life of existing bridges. The introduction of the new Eurocodes in the construction industry brought along the possibility of performing fatigue design with methods which are more advanced or accurate than the conventional nominal stress method. The latter has dominated the field of fatigue design in the construction industry for decades. The new methods, such as the hot-spot stress method, the effective notch stress method and analysis and design methods based on linear elastic fracture mechanics are thus new to the bridge construction industry. Rules for the implementation of these methods are very limited in Eurocode. In particular, no recommendations on advanced fatigue assessment methods such as those mentioned above are given.

The aim of the current project is to develop a handbook for bridge engineers and analysts to provide a clear description and comprehensive guidelines for the principles of the fatigue design of steel and composite bridges. In addition, the use of the advanced life assessment methods with principals and examples will be included in this handbook. The project is expected to contribute to increased knowledge about the fatigue problem handled in the Eurocodes and reduce the interference that exists today in the design process.


The project is carried out at the Divison of Structural Engineering in the research group Steel and Timber Structures.

This is a continuation of the project "BRIFAG: Bridge Fatigue Guidance- Meeting Sustainable Design and Assessment".

Project members

​Project leader
Mohammad Al-Emrani

Project members
Mohammad Al-Emrani
Robert Kliger
Mustafa Aygül

Mohammad Al-Emrani


In-kind budget 900 000 SEK

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