Massive MIMO test bed (MATE)

Start date 01/01/2015
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2016
Project run together with VINN Excellence Centre CHASE
This project and budget is run under separate joint agreement between GHz and CHASE

By equipping mobile base stations, backhaul links, or radars with 100s or even 1000s of individually controlled antenna elements great possibilities for beam forming, MIMO communication, and energy savings is potentially enabled. However, there are still many challenges to address before deployment on a large scale, both in terms of hardware and building practices, and in terms of signal processing and synchronization issues.
In this project we will develop and build a test-bed with a large number of antennas (>=64, scalable), for potential use in communication and radar applications. Issues related to building practices and signal processing will be studied within the project, in order to build a flexible test-bed usable in many applications.

In the first part of the project, we will build a massive transmitter, and in later stages we will also build a massive receiver. The intention is not to build a real-time system, instead we will rely on off-line processing. This will limit the possibility of tracking rapidly moving channels but should otherwise not limit the research considerably.
  • Investigate techniques and architectures for building a massive set of RF transmitters and receivers integrated with an array of antennas
  • Study pros and cons with different interfaces between digital and analog parts (I/Q, IF etc.)
  • Study and develop synchronization techniques for massive MIMO transmission
  • Study hardware bottlenecks and developing DSP techniques to overcome them
  • Demonstrate massive MIMO transmission for wireless communication and radar
Project outcome
  • 1 test-bed for system characterization
  • 2 articles in high impact journals
  • 3 conference papers at high-impact conferences
  • 2 invited or tutorial presentations at good conferences
  • 2 co-authored (industry/academia) scientific article
  • 1 industry researcher spending >3 weeks at Chalmers
Research Partners
Project Leaders
Thomas Eriksson, Chalmers, Deputy Project Leader: Koen Buisman, Chalmers
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