Mapping middle managers´ work situation and leadership potential to enhance social sustainability in the construction sector: A question of futures thinking

The overriding goal of this interdisciplinary project is to enhance the work situation and leadership potential of middle managers in the construction sector. Using an interpretative and mixed-methods (quantitative and qualitative) approach, the objective is to first investigate middle managers? work situations and individual work-family-life coping strategies against the backdrop of organisational policies, practices and incentives. The second part of the project is planned as a collaborative intervention study in three participative organisations. Here observations, workshops and follow-up seminars are intended to raise awareness and generate work improvements for middle managers. An in-depth study of social sustainability focusing on the work (and life) situations of middle managers in the Swedish construction sector is timely and can contribute to novel workplace solutions that could mitigate boundary and role conflicts, promote a more caring gender-neutral workplace culture and enhance social competences among this level of managers. The results of this study could lead to a proactive reviewing, planning and organising of managers? work situations on a strategic level and in practice, which will increase employee wellbeing, motivation and satisfaction, retain expertise, and attract both men and women to middle-management positions. This would in turn decrease stress, burnout and sick-leave in the work place, and enhance productivity.

Start date 12/11/2013
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2017

Page manager Published: Thu 31 May 2018.