Microwave tomography for pharmaceutical processes

Start date 01/04/2008
End date The project is closed: 01/04/2013

This project aims at developing a sensor array of antennas capable of microwave tomography for pharmaceutical processes, together with a post-processing algorithm for data analysis. It is desirable to equip pharmaceutical process vessels with sensors that are capable of providing real-time information without interfering with the process itself.

Pharmaceutical processes are, in many cases, hosted by completely closed vessels that are difficult to access by means of measurement equipment. In particular, it is challenging to assess the interior process state with sensors that are not placed inside the vessel that encloses the process. Microwave sensors are well suited for this type of measurement situation since they can be integrated in the vessel and, therefore, perform the measurement without influencing the process.


Figure: Microwave resonances measurement system for monitoring of permittivity changes for fluidized bed process.


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