MOTION - Mobile and digital automation

MOTION wants to show that systems integration and digitization is possible between different systems suppliers and automation degrees. Work instructions, machine instructions, as well as communication between equipment and information systems should be automated and digitized to increase resource flexibility and route flexibility of the industry.

A mapping and structuring of automation strategies by using DYNAMO ++ method will be applied.

MOTION will address two areas of automation with a focus on digitization and innovative mobile solutions:

Mobile Automation - The station or the automation solution should be; mobile, able to work independently and to work with other devices.

Digital automation - instructions needed to to run the station and produce the product will be available in digital form directly related to the mobile station.

Communication between equipment on the unit and with other units should be possible.

The goal is to have a flexible and efficient production of the product, this by reducing the number of machines, if necessary, possibly reduce the number of components, reduced machine surface, document workflow and tasks, and that the learning period should be shortened.

Partner organizations

  • AH Automation (Private, Sweden)
  • br-automation (Private, Sweden)
Start date 02/11/2015
End date The project is closed: 31/01/2016

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