Lightweight electric ships

This project aims to identify the possibility of utilizing new technology to develop more energy and cost-efficient vessels. New alternative drive systems and other new technologies provide opportunities to simplify the technical systems on board. For example, electricity / battery operation of vessels, in the same way as in cars, can reduce the need for support systems for machinery and fuel management. An entirely new thinking where the goal is to reduce the weight and simplify the installations and thus the cost of the vessel is to be studied. At conceptual level, design alternatives such as e.g. needs and location of engine rooms. Systems that are traditionally on board, such as cargo handling systems in the form of ramps and lifts on Ro-Ro vessels, should also be questioned and compared with possible alternatives in the ports. These problem areas will require new in-depth development projects.

Partner organizations

  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Research Institute, Sweden)
  • Stena Shipping AB (Private, Sweden)
  • ScandiNAOS AB (Private, Sweden)
  • ABB (Private, Switzerland)
  • Wallenius Marine AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/01/2019
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2020

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