Kongsberg University Technology Centre in Computational Hydrodynamics

The centre supports Kongsberg Maritime with research and development on the use of computational tools to support the hydrodynamic design of their propulsion systems and marine vessels. Research is conducted both within basic science to advance the understanding of the physics controlling the design and within applied science in developing the computational toolbox for the designer. Improved designs are characterised by increased efficiency, and thereby less emissions, reduced noise levels on board or on shore, reduced production costs, and increased life span.

The centre was founded as a Rolls-Royce UTC in 2002, with an ongoing collaboration with Kongsberg Maritime when Rolls-Royce sold their Maritime business.  The UTCs form a core in the Kongsberg Maritime strategy of developing long-term relationships with selected universities and provides the company with close contact with world-class academic institutions.

Start of project:2002
End of projekt: not set

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