Carbon capture or utilization from flue gases at a refinery

Start date 01/08/2010
End date The project is closed: 01/08/2015
​The project aims at lowering the CO2 emissions from a refinery, seen from a system perspective. This is done via two parallel tracks. The main track is to separate CO2 via MEA absorption, where the CO2 then can be injected into aquifers or other suitable storages. Since one of the main obstacles for CCS deployment is the heat demand of the process, the project is investigating how the separation process can be heat integrated with the refinery.
The other track is to use the CO2 in the flue gases to satisfy the carbon demand in an algae cultivation. The algae biomass can then be further processed into biofuel, and this upgrading process could also be heat integrated with the refinery. The project is a part of a larger research cooperation between Preem AB and Chalmers.
All project members
Thore Berntsson, project leader
Viktor Andersson, contact person
Per-Åke Franck
Refinery, CCS, MEA, algae

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