KASK Innovation

Start date 01/03/2009
End date The project is closed: 01/03/2011

​The objective of the KASK Innovation project is to exploit the potential for innovation of the public health sector in the Kattegat/Skagerak area primarily through user-driven and employee-driven innovation. The project is based on a platform for cooperation between Aalborg Sygehus (Denmark), Oslo University Hospital (Norway) and Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sweden).

The platform has three key elements - all of which are related to the establishment of a best practice for innovation:

1. Identification of critical success factors for innovation and definition of new methods for measuring innovation output and effect
2. Establishment of Clinics of Innovation to facilitate the conversion of ideas from research and medical practice into new services or products for the benefit of patients and society.
3. Development of methods to eliminate barriers of innovation from within – for example by building and
implementing new competence models.

The research has been carried out at the research centre Centre for Healthcare Improvement - CHI

Organisations involved
​Aalborg Sygehus (Denmark), Oslo University Hospital (Norway) and Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sweden).
Project members
​Henrik Eriksson, Viktoria Stalfors, Kristian Siverbo, Catrina Sjögren, Anette Gunnarsson
Chalmers Area of Advance
​Life Science and Technology
​An EU-project funded by Interreg IV A.

​KASK Innovation - Innovationsmotoren (You Tube)

Som et delprojekt i KASK Innovation, har Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset udviklet en model til organisatorisk innovation: Innovationsmotoren.

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