Investigation of modular topologies för STATCOM (EM SamspEL-STATCOM)

The aim of this project is to propose novel topologies for grid-connected converters for STATCOM application.Aiming at a modular configuration,the main focus of the project is on the ability of the converter to exchange energy between the phase-legs of the converter,thus facilitating its operation under unbalanced grids and at the same time allow the integration of energy storage.The project is divided into two phases:the main goal of the first phase is to investigate alternative modular topologies for proper operation under unbalanced grids.The second phase focuses instead on the ability of the converter to be equipped with temporary energy storage for grid support.System flexibility and losses,as well as dimensioning and number of needed components will be key factors for the final topology selection.Use of silicon-based semiconductors as well as wide bandgap solutions will be considered.The investigated topologies will be analyzed analytically,through simulations and experimentally.

Start date 01/10/2017
End date The project is closed: 30/09/2019

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