International demonstrator collaboration for sustainable, safe and competitive aeroengines (IntDemo Motor)

Purpose and goal: The project has a special focus on participation in demonstrators in international collaborations. GKN Aerospace will develop engine parts and modules for a number of demonstrators together with the world leading engine OEMs. The plan is to achieve TRL6 validation through full engine tests and even flight tests. GKN Aerospace has a goal of 15% reduced weight and increased functionality of our parts. Expected results and effects: The project takes an important step in reducing the climate impact of aviation as it provides direct results in the form of reduced fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions when introduced into the next generation of aircraft and engines. In addition to environmental gains, the project leads to business positioning for both GKN Aerospace and other participating companies, as well as relevant research issues for academia. Approach and implementation: GKN Aerospace has concentrated its technology coordination of internal and external project in the larger programs focused on the company´s module specialization. This provides synergies between low-TRL research and demonstrators. IntDemo Motor will be integrated with these module programs. IntDemo Motor consists of three work packages. Each work package includes demonstrators in collaboration with international OEMs.

Partner organizations

  • AIM Sweden AB (Private, Sweden)
  • Brogren Industries AB (Private, Sweden)
  • GKN Aerospace Sweden (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/04/2020
End date 31/12/2023

Page manager Published: Sat 11 Jul 2020.