Interference mitigation in HetNet access

One of the most critical challenges with the establishment of HetNet is interference, since the creation of more cells implies that more cell edge users are prone to inter-cell interference (ICI) from neighboring cells. One way to reduce ICI is by changing the base-station antenna array characteristics (beamwidth, beampointing direction, beamshape etc). Some of our preliminary results have demonstrated the potential of this technique. Moreover, physically separated APs can cooperate during transmission/reception to/from user devices.

On this basis, coordinated user scheduling for prioritizing the users at the cell edge, emerges as an efficient technique. By doing so, a significant increase in the edge users’ rates and spectral efficiency can be achieved with a marginal loss in the rate of the interior-cell users.

The key objectives of this track are to devise novel, low-complexity algorithms for interference mitigation in HetNet and for coordinated transmission/reception between different BSs, taking wireless backhaul constraints into account.


This project is part of the MATWAB project within Chase.


Page manager Published: Wed 12 Feb 2014.