Interaction between micro and macro processes in battery-powered vehicles

An accelerated development of technologies for electromobility in Sweden is necessary to enable the transition to

a sustainable transport sector. Battery performance and limitations in vehicle applications depend on a complex

interaction between chemistry, electrochemistry, material property and driving conditions. There is currently a

knowledge gap as to how, and to what extent, the macroscopic conditions (driving range and driver behavior)

interacts with the microscopic ones (transport processes and chemistry in individual battery cells).

In this project, an advanced modelling framework will be developed to enable simulations-based optimization of

material and system parameters in electric vehicles. The model will be used to fill the knowledge gap about the

connection between the macroscopic and microscopic scales. It will also be used to generate guidelines and the

deepened understanding necessary to enable conceptual design and dynamic optimization of electric vehicles.

Start date 10/04/2019
End date The project is closed: 15/04/2021

Page manager Published: Sat 04 Apr 2020.