Intelligent industrial goods

Intelligent industrial goods and ERP systems

Development and analysis of system solutions for intelligent goods to render goods handling more efficient, reduce costs and optimize usage of infrastructure.

This project concerns the integration of information systems of distributor, customers, and transport operators, where information related to the goods in one ERP-system is shared with ERP-systems of the other actors in transportation setup. By developing “intelligent goods solutions” better traceability of goods is achieved. It leads to having real-time information regarding security, safety and environmental status of the transportation operations. Smart goods with capability of interaction with information systems of different actors can potentially contribute to an increased efficiency.

System solutions based on interactions between intelligent goods and information systems are analyzed and developed in this project to render transports and goods handling more efficient and thereby decrease costs, reduce negative environmental consequences, and optimize the usage of infrastructure.

Factors of interest for this project are especially how the system architecture affects different functionalities, the reliability of the system, communication needs, information security and system costs.

Organizations involved in addition to Logistics and Transportation: Blekinge University of Technology (BTH)
Duration: 2009 - 2011
Project leader: Jan Persson (BTH)
Members: Vahid Mirzabeiki,
Contact person Logistics and Transportation: Kent Lumsden,
​Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket), (Trafikverket) Swedish Transport Administration (operation began 1 of April 2010)

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