Integrerade drivsystem för elektriska fordon

Power electronics inverters and electric motors are packaged in separate enclosures with own cooling and bulky AC cables between them. A promising solution to increase power density is to integrate inverters with electric motors. Sharing of cooling channels and part of housing will save packaging costs. Elimination of the bulky cables will decrease the number of parts and the risk for EMI. In the project, two topologies will be investigated by advanced simulations and 3-rounds of prototyping. Solutions include using (1) high frequency high temperature switching devices (wide-bandgap, SiC and GaN); (2) distributed capacitors; (3) shared cooling; and (4) shock- and vibration-tolerant electronics. Combined with high performance variable-flux machines (Project 41396-1, Energimyndigheten, started 2016), the proposed drives not only have high efficiency and safety level, but also compact design, low-cost and good recyclability.

Partner organizations

  • BEVI (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/12/2016
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2020

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