Integrated business and product realization model for 1st tier suppliers

Start date 01/12/2009
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2012

​The main objective of the research project is to enable suppliers to have their own predevelopment process. The purpose is to enable the supplier to make a larger contribution in the value chain and not just follow instructions from the OEM. Up to now pure price discussions have taken to large part in the interaction between supplier and OEM and thereby holding back value adding and innovative activities.

The results from the project aim to contribute significantly to increased sustainability by enabling increased efficiency in the development collaboration between partners in the supply chain, and thereby reduced development costs, increased product quality and less waste.

Project leader: Mikael Ström (Swerea/IVF)


The development from a simple business model to a more advanced business model

​Hans Johannesson,
External partners
​Swerea/IVF, Volvo Cars, Kongsberg, Scania, Autoliv, Autotube
Collaboration/Related projects

​PPD/Product Development
Wingquist Laboratory
Systems Engineering & PLM

​Area of Advance

Related projects
Platform-based development
Så Nätt - Supplychain collaboration for light weight vehicle development


Business models, Product development, Collaboration, Supply chain, Lean PD, Set –based engineering

​​Vinnova - 4500 kSEK
Inkind - 4500 kSEK

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