Inquiries, Innovation and Implementation Strategies for Resilient Residential Qualities. Situations of Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcaring in Transdisciplinary Collaboration. AIDAH Projects 2015-2017

The project explores the crucial interrelations between different spheres of residential situations ranging from dwelling and ageing to care and healthcaring. Confronting the major challenges for the future in these respective fields the hypothesis is that a general strategy for fostering well-being and residential qualities in health promoting, care enabling and well adapted resilient domestic environments potentially reduces the need for extensive societal costs for healthcare investments. This applies to either to collective care for the elderly or medical care in hospitals while also improving conditions for personnel providing care in the home. Important societal, economic as well as sustainable gains and qualities of life can be achieved while implementing a strategy of residential primacy. The research is organised in three interrelated Work Packages. WP#1 Dwelling; will engage in extensive analysis of predominant features in residential production 1992-2015 with focus on conditions for ´staying at home´ in a longer time span to provide new knowledge for design and adaptations. WP#2 Ageing; will study physical preconditions for healthcare in ordinary housing for elderly with aim to observe obstacles and opportunities when healthcare is performed in home environments. WP#3 Health Architecture; will provide evidence-based knowledge on how built environments can support health, well-being, person-centred care, teamwork and self-management in a new healthcare context.

Start date 01/09/2015
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2017

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