Innovative components manufacturing technolo gy through powder technology

Start date 10/05/2014
End date The project is closed: 10/10/2016
Powder metallurgy is a modern and green technology with great development and growth potential capable of addressing needs in different sectors in society. Sweden is world leading with about 25-30% of the world metal powder production. In this project we aim to create new competitive production through the development and integration of Swedish strenghts in hot isostatic pressning (HIP) and sinter technologies, in support for sustainable national and global growth. We also intend to integrate additive manufacturing (AM) as shape enabler where this technology is followed with hot isostatic pressing to final product. When it concerns sinter technologies, we will apply a joint approach where the sintering is also further tailored for new forming techniques like MIM and the AM-technqiue metal printing. Co-operation between powder producers, component manufacturers, technology providers, end-users and academia/institutes will secure commercial and knowledge generating value chains where technical development is integrated with cost and productivity analysis.
VINNOVA  / SIP Metallic Materials
Swerea KIMAB, Mid Sweden University, Stockholm University, Höganäs AB, Quintus Technologies AB, Volvo AB, AGA Gas AB, Carpenter Powder Products AB, Metec Technologies AB, Callo AB, GKN Aerospace AB, AB Sandvik Materials Technology, Digital Metals AB, Sandvik Coromant AB, Kongsberg Automotive AB, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB, FJ Sintermetal AB

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